Munich: The United States and China's relations were damaged by America's "unthinkable and hysterical" response and the "excessive use of force" over the Chinese balloon, China's top diplomat Wang Yi said, Xinhua News Agency reported.

While answering the media query on China-US relations at the ongoing 59th Munich Security Conference, Wang said that Beijing had clearly told Washington that the Chinese civilian unmanned airship, affected by the Westerlies and with limited self-steering capability, deviated from its planned course and entered its space.

"Unfortunately, the US ignored the basic facts and brazenly sent a fighter jet to shoot down the non-threatening airship with a missile," he said. "Such an unthinkable and hysterical action is, without doubt, excessive use of force, and clearly violates common practice and relevant international law," Wang added.

China firmly opposes and has strongly protested against the US over its action, said Wang, also a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, according to Xinhua News Agency.

He urged the U.S. to stop doing such absurd things out of domestic political needs and to correct its mistakes.

The senior Chinese diplomat said the underlying reason why the unexpected incident has caused such a stir in bilateral relations is the United States' wrong perception and strategic misjudgment of China.

This statement came after his meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Meanwhile, Blinken warned China not to repeat its "irresponsible act" of sending spy balloons into American airspace, The Washington Post reported.

"The secretary made clear the United States will not stand for any violation of our sovereignty," said State Department spokesman Ned Price underlining that Blinken had also warned China for its

balloon incursion and called it an "irresponsible act" and warned that it "must never again occur. "Taking to Twitter, Blinken said, "Just met with the PRC's top diplomat, Wang Yi. I condemned the incursion of the PRC surveillance balloon and stressed it must never happen again. I warned China against providing material support to Russia. I also emphasized the importance of keeping open lines of communication."

This statement came while the two top diplomats met on the sidelines of the annual Munich Security Conference.

During the meeting, the two diplomats discussed various issues, including Chinese surveillance and the country's alliance with Moscow -- topics that have brought diplomatic relations between Beijing and Washington to new lows, reported The Washington Post. At the annual Munich Security Conference, leaders from across the globe have gathered to discuss key geopolitical challenges including Russia's invasion of Ukraine and China's contentious engagement with the West, according to The Washington Post.