Beijing: China and Russia's relationship set a good example of international relations and is based on no alliance, no confrontation, said Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, hinting Beijing's closer ties with Moscow, Global Times reported.

In his first press conference after assuming the office, Gang said, "China and Russia have found a path of major country relations featuring strategic trust and good neighbourliness, setting a good example for international relations."

"China-Russia relationship is based on no alliance and no confrontation and it doesn't target any third party. It is not a threat to any country, nor is it subject to any interference or discord sewn by any third party," he added.

The press conference was held during the first session of the 14th National Press Conference and it is also Qin's first appearance in two sessions since he took office three months ago, according to Global Times.

"Some countries who are inclined to view China-Russia relations through the lens of Cold War alliances, see nothing but their own image," the Chinese foreign minister said.

During the presser, he further stated that with China and Russia working together, the world will have the driving force toward multi-polarity and greater democracy in international relations. And global strategic balance and stability will be better insured.

The more unstable the world becomes the more imperative it is for China and Russia to steadily advance their relations, said Qin.

Qin noted that the leadership between the two countries maintains close contact. Head-of-state interaction is the compass and anchor of China-Russia relations, reported Global Times.

While responding to questions on whether is it possible for China and Russia to drop the use of the US dollar and the euro in bilateral trade settlement, Qin said that whichever currencies are efficient, safe and credible will be used.

Talking about US and geopolitics, the Chinese Foreign Minister said, "The US sees China as the main rival and the most serious geopolitical challenge. The US perception of China has largely deviated from the healthy and rational path."

The US' "competition" with China consists of all-around containment and suppression. Like a dishonest runner in an Olympic race, the US doesn't want to do its best but wants to trip its rival. "This is not fair but absolute foul play," he added.