New Delhi: Russia is satisfied to see the potential of India's G 20 presidency, echoing Russian writer Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy and highlighting people's unity, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday.

While addressing the gathering at an exhibition put up at a special G20 Pavilion under the Indian Chairmanship's initiative at the International Book Fair, Lavrov said, "It is truly emblematic that the 50th anniversary of the New Delhi World Book Fair, the event we are currently at, coincides with India's independence 75th anniversary today. Studying the rich legacy of these outstanding public figures and moral authorities of our countries is more relevant than ever."

"We are satisfied to see the tremendous constructive potential of India's G 20 presidency, so aptly seen to echo Tolstoy and Gandhi's philosophy and highlight people's unity and mankind's shared future regime," he added.

Russia on Wednesday cited the commonality of worldview and mutual influence of Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi to demonstrate the strong historical ties with India.

Hours after his arrival in New Delhi for the G20 Foreign Ministers' meeting, the Russian Foreign Minister spotlighted the closeness of both countries' approaches to the formation of a polycentric and fair world order.

Equality of people, rejection of colonialism, as well as any other forms of domineering, were the core values that brought together Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi, who had lived thousands of kilometres away from each other back then in the early 20th century. The great Russian author and the young lawyer corresponded for about a year. The ideals of equality and justice as well as those of love for one's labour, of course, inspired Gandhi for his non-violent resistance to the British colonial rule.

"I would like to give a separate mention to the increased humanitarian cooperation between Russia and India. It is heartening to see that the creativity and the art of Russian authors elicit the most vivid responses among Indian readers. This is evidenced by the tremendous popularity of Russia's stand at the New Delhi Book Fair and other large events. Russian readers reciprocate India's interest towards their culture and are always interested to see Indian books," Lavrov said.

He further stated, "I wish everyone every success. Have an interesting day. Mesmerizing and enlightened words and recalling the long association and friendship of Tolstoy and Gandhi, as well as India and Russia."