New Delhi: Polish Ambassador to India, Adam Burakowski, who is about to leave India and start his new term in South Africa, held his last press conference on Wednesday, summing up his tenure of more than 5 years saying that he is going to remember his time spent in India, for the rest of his life.

Switching to Hindi, the envoy also expressed his love for Indian culture, films and music.

"Five years, 3 months, 20 days, I spent my life in Delhi with my family and this time is very important in my life. I will remember this time for the rest of my life," the envoy said.

Expressing his love for India's diversity, the envoy also highlighted that during his tenure he tried to maintain good relations and bring in more business and connectivity between the two countries.

"It's been more than 5 years as an ambassador. I came here in December 2017. India is much more than half of my life and I still don't have enough. India is so interesting, beautiful, diverse and big that it takes more than one life to discover and understand this country. As the ambassador of Poland, I tried to do my best to foster good bilateral relations with India, maintain contacts and bring more business and connectivity," said the Polish Envoy.

Recalling the difficult times during his tenure, the envoy invoked the Covid pandemic and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

"My tenure had its share of difficult moments. First, it was the Covid pandemic that brought death and misery but also saw countries across the globe standing in solidarity with each other. Poland expressed solidarity with India during the second Covid wave. The Polish community in India even raised funds and donated oxygen concentrators," the outgoing envoy said.

"Unfortunately, Russia invaded a peaceful neighbouring country. Our country, as well as our (Nato) allies, have been standing with Ukraine since Day 1. We condemned the Russian invasion and offered (Ukraine) a lot of help. We offered humanitarian help and even hosted a few million refugees from Ukraine," he added.

The Polish envoy also highlighted the growing trade ties with India, saying that despite the war, Poland's economy was on a strong footing.

"The times are still very difficult for us as this (Russia-Ukraine conflict) is causing supply chain problems and global price rise and inflation. But nevertheless, Poland and India have good relations and the Polish economy is growing despite these negative circumstances. The trade volume between India and Poland is increasing. There are many Indian investors in Poland and our cooperation is going very well," the envoy said.