Namsai: Arunachal Pradesh's Namsai district is all set to host a four-day Civil 20 (C20) Summit starting June 9, where 150 delegates from across the world are expected to participate, officials said.

According to The Border Lens, the summit, which is one of the official Engagement Groups of the G20, is expected to host 150 delegates from around the world, providing a platform for civil society organisations (CSO) to express the hopes and desires of the people.

According to reports, Arunachal Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein, who represents the district, held a review meeting with officials and stakeholders to discuss the preparations for the summit, on Monday.

Mein inspected the accommodation for the delegates and the venues for important conferences and meetings during the summit, stated The Border Lens.

Additionally, he visited the model villages of Jona-I and Empong, which have been selected for the proposed visit of C20 delegates, to showcase rural Arunachal Pradesh.

C20 India 2023 is one of the official Engagement Groups of the G20 that provides a platform for civil society organisations (CSO) around the world to voice people's aspirations to the world leaders of G20. It gives CSOs a forum to protect the agency of this sector, reflects the primary and common concerns affecting the people of the world, and promotes social and economic development with the vision of leaving no one behind.