New Delhi: A Srinagar-Jammu IndiGo flight entered Pakistan's airspace on Sunday, the airline informed.

Further, according to the carrier, the official flight was forced to enter Pakistani airspace due to bad weather.

"IndiGo 6e-2124 entered in Pakistan airspace for a while due to bad weather and the flight was diverted to Amritsar," an official told ANI.

The authorities concerned in both countries were informed before the IndiGo flight entered Pakistan airspace, an airlines official said, adding that the flight diversion was well coordinated by Jammu and Lahore ATCs.

Sources said the flight was about to land at Jammu airport but due to bad weather, the flight was asked to divert to Amritsar.

However, after briefly entering Pakistani airspace the flight landed safely in Amritsar, the official said.

In a similar incident earlier this month, an IndiGo Amritsar-Ahmedabad flight entered Pakistani airspace due to bad weather.

"IndiGo flight 6E-645, operating from Amritsar to Ahmedabad had to take a deviation over Atari into Pakistan airspace due to bad weather. The deviation was well coordinated with Pakistan by Amritsar ATC via telephone. The crew was in continuous contact with Pakistan on R/T and the flight landed in Ahmedabad safely post the deviation," IndiGo said in a statement on the incident.