Carborundum Universal Ltd, the Indian manufacturer of abrasives and industrial ceramics has partnered with IdeaForge Technology to manufacture lighter and sturdier drones using composite parts reinforced with nanomaterials. The nanomaterial composite materials offer higher mechanical strength, toughness, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity than standard composites.

Carborundum Universal Ltd, has collaborated with drone maker IdeaForge Technology to jointly develop products to make drones lighter, stronger and more durable, the companies said on Thursday.

The two companies will develop the drones through cutting-edge nanomaterial reinforced composite parts which hold the promise of transforming structural parts for aerospace applications, a joint press release said.

The 'nanomaterial composite materials' offer several improvements over standard composite materials, including higher mechanical strength, greater toughness, and better electrical and thermal conductivity, it added.

"The use of nanomaterial reinforced composites in drones offer several exciting possibilities such as higher specific modulus or strength and is likely to shape the future of airframe and related structural components of drones," IdeaForge Technology Senior Director of Engineering Sunil Jha said.

"We are excited to partner with CUMI (Carborundum Universal Ltd), which has done some pioneering and innovative work in the field of material science over the years," Jha added.

Speaking about the collaboration with IdeaForge Technology, Carborundum Universal's Head of Marketing Subbu Venkatachalam said, "IdeaForge has done pioneering work in advancing drone technologies and building its position as the leader in the Indian unmanned aerial vehicles market." He added, "I am confident that with the deep expertise we have built in the field of materials, this partnership will bring some significant synergies and shape the next generation of drone technologies."