Karachi: Protest rallies and demonstrations were held in different cities of Sindh against the forced conversions in the region, an official release of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement said.

Protests were conducted from Karachi Fohara Chowk to the Karachi Press Club. On the other hand, a rally was conducted in Kotri Jamshoro, which erupted into a protest demonstration by pounding on the press club in the echo of slogans from various parts of Kotri.

According to the release, the third rally was held in Sehwan City, which turned into a protest demonstration at the Kotri Press Club raising slogans against the auctioning of Karunjhar in different areas of the city and the abduction and forced conversion of Afghan and Sindhi Hindu girls.

The fourth rally was taken out in Tharri Mohabbat Mehar, which was held in different areas of the city with loud slogans.

On the other hand, the Central Chairman of Jeay Freedom Movement JSFM Sohail Abro and the central body have given their joint statement and said that the protection of every inch of Sindh, existence and survival of Sindh is our first duty.

The Central leaders of JSFM further stated that the state-sponsored abduction of Sindhi Hindu girls forced conversions and attacks on Sindhi Hindu businesses and temples are a conspiracy of Pakistani Punjabi state institutions.

Pakistani state institutions want to evict the original heirs of the Sindh homeland from their mother earth. This conspiracy will be thwarted by JSFM leadership and workers.

Speaking further, the JSFM leadership said that by settling foreign Afghans in Sindh, religious fanaticism is being imposed on the peaceful land of Sufis and conspiracies are going on to turn Sindhis into a minority. Our protest movement will continue till the return of Afghans and other foreigners, the press release read.

On the other hand, the leadership of JSFM appealed to international organizations and said that the state operation against the Sindhi nationalist activists has been accelerated by the Pakistani state institutions, they are being abducted for no reason, and they are brutally tortured. is being targeted.

Violation of human rights and brutality against the Sindhi people should be taken into consideration, the JSFM read.