The gasoline powered Heli UAV is capable of flying 4+ hours. the capability is due to presence of an inbuilt 2000 w generator which sustains the UAV. this is also called hybrid drone because the generator is fuelled by gasoline and the battery provides redundancy for landing back home in case of emergency. this UAV can be used for crowd management, surveillance and disaster management purposes.


Total length without blades : 1.73m
Height : 0.7m
Landing gear width : 0.5m
Main rotor disc diameter : 2.14m
Tail rotor disc diameter : 0.403m
Engine : Twin cylinder, Air cooled
Fuel : Gasoline/oil mix
Fuel capacity : 3.78 litres
Endurance : 50 minutes with 5 minutes reserve
Drive train : Sealed wet gearbox
Payload capacity : 13.60 kg, max, at sea level