Tel Aviv: After 60 hours, the counter-terrorism operation in Jenin ended. The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) reported that its soldiers, together with Border Police units, completed what it called an "extensive operation to counter-terrorism" in the refugee camp and in the city of Jenin.

More than ten terrorists were killed in the entire operation.

The IDF reported that its forces searched and reached hundreds of buildings and arrested about 60 wanted terrorists, located and confiscated over 50 weapons of various types, hundreds of explosives and terrorist funds worth over 1,00,000 Shekels (USD 27,000).

During the operation, forces arrested 14 wanted terrorists throughout Judea and Samaria, three of whom are associated with the terrorist organization Hamas.

In addition, the fighters located over ten underground shafts, seven cargo laboratories and five observation posts designed to monitor the IDF.

Some of the terrorist infrastructures were destroyed.

During the operation, an Israel Air Force aircraft attacked two squads of terrorists who threw explosives and fired at Israeli forces. The aircraft killed seven terrorists and wounded others.

Seven IDF soldiers and an officer were slightly injured, treated in the field and evacuated to continue receiving medical treatment in a hospital.