Bangalore based, Flying Wedge Defence and Aerospace became the first private company in India to receive a Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) type certification for indigenous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology. The certification is required for any drone, aircraft, or aeroplane to operate in the country.

The certification is crucial for the safe and legal operation of drones in India. The Bangalore-based company's medium-sized FWDA10, which weighs 26.70 Kg and can reach altitudes of up to 85.31 feet, has officially earned its certification.

Under the regulatory framework established by the DGCA, no drone, aircraft, or aeroplane can operate in India without DGCA-type certification.

This stringent certification process is a vital step in ensuring the safety and reliability of unmanned aircraft within the country. Till now, only a few companies have successfully obtained DGCA-type certification within this sector. A noteworthy aspect is that a significant portion of these certified entities have obtained their technology through Transfer of Technology agreements with companies based in China.

Flying Wedge Defines and Aerospace, however, has set itself apart by achieving DGCA-type certification based on truly indigenous technology. This accomplishment highlights the company's commitment to self-reliance, innovation, and a mission to advance India's standing in the global aerospace industry, officials added.

Drones have civilian uses, such as firefighting or taking photographs. Drones come in different sizes, with wingspans ranging from a few centimetres to about 60 meters (200 ft).