Islamabad: Pakistani authorities on Monday temporarily shut down at least three leading institutions, including the National Defence University, due to the fear of possible attacks by the militants.

The move by the Pakistani authorities to temporarily close down the armed forces run National Defence University, Air University and Bahria University in addition to other institutions, came after a security alert was issued by intelligence organisations about a possible attack on military-linked educational institutions of higher learning.

"At least three armed forces-run universities that include the National Defense University, Air University and Bahria University and a few other higher institutions were shut temporarily after intelligence was received about a possible attack on them," said a source.

The measure was taken as the identities of the Baloch militants killed in the airstrikes in Iran were revealed, showing those killed were important rebels wanted for the attack in Baluchistan province.

The three premier universities are respectively run by the Army, the Air Force and the Navy.

The duration of closure was not shared but apparently, they will remain shut until an order for their reopening is issued, said the source.

The Islamabad Police chief said that security had been increased but the situation was under control and there was no reason to panic.

"The law and order and security situation in Islamabad is under control," Islamabad Police Inspector-General (IGP) Dr Akbar Nasir Khan stated in a video message.

He also imposed a complete ban on public gatherings and emphasised not to conduct any such gatherings amid the situation.

He added that the police will continue to maintain a safe environment in which the upcoming elections will be held.

Meanwhile, heads of police stations have been asked to increase patrolling in their respective areas and sub-divisional police officers tasked to monitor patrolling.

Earlier, Pakistan authorities claimed that the airstrikes of January 18 on the bases of the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) outfit killed important terrorists who were involved in multiple terror attacks in Balochistan.

Pakistan alleged militants linked with various Baloch groups sneak into Iran after carrying out attacks in the remote region of the country.

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