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Monitoring imagery of Bangladesh's, China-built submarine base shows the development of a dry dock on site, likely to support submarine maintenance. This enhanced defence cooperation endeavour by China helps Beijing solidify its presence & influence in the region, reported Damien Symon of @detresfa_  on its Twitter handle.

China has built a submarine base in Bangladesh, with the help of which the Chinese can spy on the Indian Navy. It is named BNS Sheikh Hasina

With Chinese help, the construction of the Submarine base being built in Bangladesh is almost complete. Recently, the satellite of Submarine Base is going to send shockwaves in the security circles of India.

A dry dock is seen in the picture, where the repair of the submarines are done. The length of the dry dock is 135 meters and the width is about 30 meters.

This submarine base is being constructed in Pekua, Cox Bazar, Bangladesh under the name of BNS Sheikh Hasina and has costed around $1.21 billion. This base is spread over 1.75 square kilometers. According to media reports, construction of this base started in the year 2020 and was inaugurated in March 2023 by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina. A large number of Chinese officials attended the inaugural event.

After becoming a submarine base in Bangladesh, it is expected that China will soon have logistic and strategic access. Experts see this as submarine diplomacy, as China has also given Bangladesh two submarines. It is expected that Chinese submarines will now be brought to Bangladesh base for repair and upgrade

China Company Building Base

Six submarines and today fighter ships can be docked simultaneously at the BNS Sheikh Hasina base. Chinese company is building this base and China has also invested money. In such a situation, speculation is being made that China will also use this as a espionage outpost. In this way, China will get a submarine base closer to India, which is going to increase India's concerns.

The dock of Chinese ships and submarine in Bangladesh will make the Bay of Bengal unsafe for India. China can monitor Indian naval groups stationed here. Just a short distance from Sheikh Hasina base in Bangladesh, India has a nuclear submarine base, which China can spy upon.