AZAD Engineering Limited, a leader in precision engineering and manufacturing, has secured a prestigious contract from the Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), a renowned Research and Development Organization under the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and the Ministry of Defence, Government of India. AZAD will serve as the Production agency responsible for the complete manufacturing and assembly of an advanced gas turbine engine crucial for defence applications. The first batch of fully integrated engines is expected to be delivered by early 2026.

The advanced gas turbine engine, designed with a single-spool turbojet setup, includes a 4-stage axial flow compressor, an annular combustor, a single-stage axial flow uncooled turbine, and a fixed exit area nozzle. This sophisticated propulsion system is suitable for various defence applications.

AZAD's selection as GTRE's sole Industry Partner underscores the confidence in its engineering and manufacturing capabilities. India has consistently demonstrated its prowess in creating top-notch engine designs using cutting-edge indigenous technology. However, the challenge lies in transforming these exceptional designs into engines that meet mission-critical objectives and deliver the desired output.

Rakesh Chopdar, Chairman and CEO of AZAD Engineering, expressed his enthusiasm about this milestone, stating, "We are honoured to be selected by GTRE for this prestigious contract and are eager to turn this ground breaking design into reality at our facilities in Hyderabad. From Power, Aviation, Defence and Oil & Gas, we have now expanded our manufacturing capabilities to provide end-to-end production for a fully assembled Advanced Turbo Engine, creating a massive opportunity to build a complete solution for propulsion system for the nation and global defence requirements. Our commitment to excellence positions us well to enhance India's defence manufacturing capabilities and establish a strong presence in the country's defence manufacturing landscape. These enhancements will enable us to serve a new era of defence applications."

(With Reporting By Autocar Pro)