Quetta: Activist Mahrang Baloch took to social media platform X to deliver a stark and urgent message about the escalating crisis in Balochistan.

In her post, Mahrang stated, "The state of Pakistan is intensifying its policy of Baloch genocide. Enforced disappearances are a significant part of this policy, with the state forcibly disappearing Baloch people. Recently, two cases of mutilated bodies of enforced disappearance victims have been reported in Panjgur and Soorab, Balochistan."

She further stated, "The Baloch people are continuously protesting against this genocide. Today marks the 9th day of the Baloch Missing Persons family sit-in in Turbat. The extrajudicial killings of Baloch missing persons have created fear among the victims families. Balochistan has become the worst region for human rights. I appeal to human rights organizations to raise their voices against these violations and hold the state of Pakistan accountable at the international forum".

Mahrang Baloch is a prominent activist known for her advocacy on behalf of the Baloch people, specifically addressing human rights abuses and political injustices in Balochistan.

She has strongly condemned what she views as systematic oppression faced by the Baloch community, including allegations of enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, and other violence reportedly committed by state authorities.

Through her influential presence on social media platforms, Mahrang sheds light on the enduring and troubling situation in Balochistan.

This region, characterized by its rugged landscapes and cultural diversity, has unfortunately also been plagued by persistent conflict and severe human rights violations.

Among the most alarming abuses documented in Balochistan is the widespread practice of enforced disappearances. This involves the abduction of individuals, often activists, journalists, and intellectuals, by state security forces or unknown groups, with many cases remaining unresolved and causing profound distress for their families.

Additionally, there have been numerous reports of extrajudicial killings where individuals are allegedly executed by security forces without undergoing proper legal procedures.

These incidents primarily target individuals suspected of separatist activities, yet there are frequent claims that innocent civilians become unintended casualties of such operations.

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