Hyderabad-based Lokesh Machines Limited has clinched a substantial order valued at ₹4.26 Crore to deliver their “ASMI” 9x19mm Submachine Guns to the Northern Command of the Indian Army. This significant milestone comes after a rigorous trial process involving several international competitors. Remarkably, this marks the first instance of a domestic private manufacturer successfully securing an order from the Indian Army for a 100% indigenously designed and manufactured small arm.

Lokesh Machines has delivered the advanced “ASMI” 9x19mm Machine Pistols to prestigious Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) such as NSG and Assam Rifles. Currently, they are in the process of executing a pilot order for the Border Security Force (BSF). These significant milestones mark a ground breaking achievement as the first time a private indigenous manufacturer in India has accomplished such a feat.

Director M. Srinivas underscored the strategic decision-making that enabled the company to enter the defence segment, with a focus on small arms as the initial step. It involved creating and producing a homegrown product, obtaining essential licenses from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), setting up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and delivering to prestigious clients in under 2.5 years—a truly exceptional accomplishment by global standards.

Srinivas emphasised that deploying initial lots with various forces is expected to pave the way for larger orders. It is due to the weapons’ robustness, contemporary design, and suitability for harsh Indian conditions. Furthermore, successful induction by the Indian Forces and CAPFs will likely create opportunities abroad.

The “ASMI” 9×19 Machine Pistol, jointly developed with the Indian Army and ARDE (DRDO), represents the first private-public partnership in the small arms segment to achieve such success. Lokesh Machines Ltd. is India’s leading manufacturer of machine tools and auto components.

(With Reporting by Bharatshakti.in)