NEW DELHI: The opening pages of a leaked Pakistan's dossier on Jammu and Kashmir contain the statements made by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and National Conference (NC) leader Omar Abdullah in the wake of the abrogation of Article 370, according to a document that is said to be the Pakistani dossier to be presented at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) today.

"It has been 20 days since the people of Jammu and Kashmir had their freedom and civil liberties curtailed. Leaders of the opposition and press got a taste of draconian administration and brute force unleashed on people of Jammu and Kashmir when we tried to visit Srinagar," Rahul Gandhi has been quoted as saying in the pages.

Similarly, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah has been quoted as saying, "GOI's unilateral and shocking decision will have far-reaching and dangerous consequences. This is an aggression against Kashmiris. The decision are unilateral, illegal and unconstitutional. A long and tough battle lies ahead. We are ready."

On August 28, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had hit out at Pakistan for instigating violence in Jammu and Kashmir asserting that matters related to the region are India's internal issues with no room for interference by Pakistan.

"I disagree with this government on many issues. But, let me make this absolutely clear: Kashmir is India's internal issue & there is no room for Pakistan or any other foreign country to interfere in it," Rahul had said in a series of tweets.

"There is violence in Jammu & Kashmir. There is violence because it is instigated and supported by Pakistan which is known to be the prime supporter of terrorism across the world," Gandhi wrote in another tweet.

The Congress party too had slammed Pakistan saying that Jammu and Kashmir was, is and shall always remain a part of India.