Popular singer Adnan Sami has lashed out at Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and the citizens of Pakistan, who have involved themselves in the ongoing debate over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

Singer Adnani Sami has lashed out at Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan over his recent remarks on India's Citizenship (Amendment) Act. The singer took to social media and penned two tweets directed at Imran Khan's recent comments and other citizens of Pakistan, who are weighing in on the CAA debate. 

In his first tweet, Adnan said that if they are advocating about Muslims, then they should accept that Muslims wanting to leave Pakistan defeats the basic purpose of its existence. He then added that if they are worried about Muslims, then the borders should be opened for them. 

"Dear Pakis who have uninvitedly thrusted themselves into the CAA discussion... Firstly, if ur advocating 4 Muslims, then 1st accept that them wanting to leave you, defeats the purpose of ur existence! 2ndly, if ur so worried about the Muslims, open ur borders for them or S***!!," read his first tweet. 

In his second tweet, Adnan wrote, "And much to your disappointment, Muslims are very proud and happy here!"

Adnan Sami Joins CAA debate

Adnan's tweets come after Pakistan PM, in a series of tweets earlier, had accused the Indian government of moving systematically with a "Hindu supremacist agenda". In a series of tweets, he had also urged the world to step in "before it is too late". 

Adnan, who was previously a citizen of Pakistan, was granted Indian citizenship back in the year 2015. The singer, who is an active social media user, never fails to give it back to trolls and expressing his opinions on issues that go beyond the world of entertainment.