Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday reiterated his claims of "foreign conspiracy" and said that a foreign nation is trying to oust him over the "independent" foreign policy choices made by him.

Addressing the people of Pakistan, ahead of the no-confidence motion, Imran claimed a foreign nation sent a message that Imran Khan needs to be removed else as the country will suffer consequences.

"The United States", Imran Khan said in a slip of the tongue and then stated that "a foreign country" had sent a "threatening memo" which was against the Pakistani nation.

"On March 8 or before that on March 7, the US sent us a...not the US but a foreign country sent us a message. The reason why I talking about this...for an independent country to receive such a message... this is against me and the country," he said.

Imran Khan said the memo was against him, not against the government. " stated that if the no-confidence motion passes, Pakistan will be forgiven, if not, there will be consequences."

Pakistan PM earlier shared the contents of a secret letter that was in news last week when he informed a public meeting that his government had received threats from abroad.

Imran Khan had claimed that the threatening letter had been sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Pakistan media reports said that letter is the word-for-word transcript of a conversation between the diplomats of Pakistan and another country sent to Pakistan's Foreign Ministry.

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari today said that Imran Khan has "nowhere to run" less than an hour after proceedings of the National Assembly of Pakistan was adjourned.

This remark comes as proceedings of the Pakistan National Assembly were adjourned till April 3 soon after it convened on Thursday to discuss the no-confidence motion against Pakistan PM.

The crucial session for the no-confidence motion started after much delay but adjourned till Sunday 11.30 am, after members of Parliament demanded voting on the no-trust motion, Geo News reported

The session was held with more than 172 members from the Opposition benches in attendance.

Addressing a press conference with other opposition leaders, Bilawal said Imran Khan again used the Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Asad Qaiser to deffer the proceeding of the no-confidence motion.

"Today, by producing 175 lawmakers in the Parliament we have proved that Imran Khan has nowhere to run," he said. "Now that we have the majority, there is no safe passage (for Imran Khan), there is no face-saving way and there is no backdoor," he said.

The PPP chairman suggested that there is only one "honourable" way out for way for Imran Khan is to resign In a bid to end the political crisis in the country.

Pakistan's PM has seemingly lost the majority after PTI's allies decided to side with the Opposition.

Imran Khan has reportedly offered to dissolve the assembly on the condition to withdraw the no-confidence motion against him.

He has said that if the Opposition doesn't agree to his suggestion, he is ready to face any situation, Geo News reported Thursday, citing sources.

On Monday, Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) President Shahbaz Sharif tabled the no-confidence motion. With this move, Imran Khan became the third Pakistani PM to face the no-confidence motion.

The no-confidence motion was submitted by the opposition parties on March 8. The Opposition is confident that its motion would be carried as some allies of PTI have come out in the open against Imran Khan.