Washington: Relations between the US and India’s enemy Pakistan have once again become warm. America has given a multi-million dollar package of F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan. At the same time, Pakistan’s most powerful person, Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa is on a tour of America. To please General Bajwa, the US had made welcome arrangements like Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. Meanwhile, now the real reason for growing love between America and Pakistan once again has come to the fore. According to US officials, Bajwa’s target is relations with India and US military aid.

In fact, the Biden administration wants Pakistan to give it its air space to conduct air strikes and intelligence surveillance in Afghanistan. In this regard, a deal has almost been agreed between the two countries. After the shameful withdrawal of America from Afghanistan, this country is now under the control of the Taliban government. Afghanistan is once again becoming a haven for terrorists under Taliban rule. Terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, ISKP, Jaish-e-Mohammed are again gathering their strength. Recently, with the help of Pakistan, the US had killed Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri at his base in Kabul.

The US desperately needs Pakistan to monitor or attack terrorists in Afghanistan. Most of America’s military bases are in Gulf countries from where killer drones take off and then they enter Afghanistan via Pakistan. Pakistan had refused to give its airspace under Imran’s rule. Now the situation has changed under the rule of Shahbaz Sharif. According to a CNN report, the Biden administration has told US lawmakers that the US has reached the final stages of finalizing a deal with Pakistan. After this deal, US drone aircraft will be able to easily do the work of attack and intelligence surveillance in Afghanistan.

CNN quoted a source in the Biden administration as saying that Pakistan had offered the US an air route to the US, in return for US aid in the fight against terrorism and managing relations with India. Another source said that talks are still on between the two sides and the terms of the deal have not been finalized yet. This disclosure comes at a time when the US wants to ensure that it can conduct military operations against ISIS Khorasan province in Afghanistan. After nearly two decades, America’s forces are no longer on Afghanistan’s soil and terrorists are spreading their feet again.

US-Pakistan Deal Set To Provoke Taliban

The US is not disclosing this secret agreement, as well as not telling what it will give to Pakistan in return. Apart from Pakistan, the US is also looking at Uzbekistan and Tajikistan as options. However, this poses a great danger of provoking Russian President Putin. In such a situation, Pakistan is the only option left for America. The US President has announced that he will continue to conduct counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan. This is the reason why the US administration is once again lavishing love on Pakistan. If this deal is done between Pakistan and America, then the Taliban is sure to flare up. That too when the relations between the Taliban government of Pakistan and Afghanistan are going through the worst phase. The Taliban accused Pakistan of giving air routes after Zawahiri’s death.