New Delhi: European Union trusts India's G20 presidency that it will "find a way" in the Russia-Ukraine war, envoy Ugo Astuto said on Monday.

In an interview with ANI, Astuto said they have great expectations from the Indian presidency of G20. Furthermore, he added that India presents a very ambitious program that the EU support.

"We're not living in a business-as-usual situation. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is totally unjustified, a clear violation of the UN Charter," he said.

"...So it's not a business-as-usual situation but we trust the Indian presidency will find a way, in any case, to steer the proceedings towards a positive conclusion. We intend to support Ukraine politically and economically," he added.

In recent months, the Russian war machinery has been using drones excessively to target military establishments and other major infrastructure across Ukraine.

Meanwhile, at the EU headquarters in Brussels, the European Commission's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell stated that to counter a growing number of Russian troops, Ukraine needs more ammunition, in addition to other pledges of military support from allies, CNN reported.

He said that Russia is massing "almost twice the number of soldiers that were there at the beginning of the war" in Ukraine, adding that the next few weeks will be crucial.

"The Ukrainian army urgently needs large amounts of ammunition to counter Russian aggression," Borrell said. "A gun needs a bullet."

"For that, time is of the essence. Speed means lives. We need to respond quickly. Not only more support, but to provide it quicker," Borrell added.

The best way to get ammunition to Ukraine quickly is to share existing European army stockpiles so that there is no time wasted waiting for them to be produced, he said.

He also stated that the EU has to use what has already been produced and stockpiled, or what has already been contracted and will be produced in the coming days. Priority has to be given to the supplies for the Ukrainian army, as much as the EU can do, reported CNN.