Kabul: Saudi Arabia and the Czech governments have closed down their embassies in Afghanistan, seen as a major setback as it can affect the diplomatic relations between Kabul with other foreign nations, Tolo News reported.

According to analysts, the presence of foreign diplomatic missions in Afghanistan is important, and the suspension of embassies will affect Afghanistan.

“The closure of the embassy of one country in another country means less diplomatic relations,” said Sayed Javad Sijad, a political analyst.

Meanwhile, Aziz Maarij, a former diplomat said, “Having an embassy or having diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia as a major Islamic power has a vital effect on the Taliban at the international level; especially it can encourage many Islamic countries to engage in relations with the Taliban."

However, the Taliban-appointed spokesperson issued a clarification and said that the employees of the Saudi Embassy left Kabul for training purposes and that they will be back soon, reported ToloNews.

“The closure of Saudi Arabia embassy is not right. But their diplomats have been asked for one-week training to Saudi Arabia and will be back. The rumours in this regard are not right,” he said.

The analysts say that the presence of foreign diplomatic missions in Afghanistan is vital and that the suspension of diplomatic relations affects Afghanistan.

Earlier, the Czech government also announced that it has closed its embassy in Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate has yet to be recognized by any country, but diplomats from China, Russian, Turkey, Pakistan, and Iran have an active presence in Kabul, according to ToloNews.