The army has put in place smart fences based on cutting-edge sensor and CCTV camera technologies to thwart infiltration attempts along the Line of Control (LoC), an official said on Sunday. The smart fences use state-of-the-art sensors and CCTV cameras that pick up the slightest movement and send immediate alerts to the control centre making them difficult to bypass.

This has strengthened border security and surveillance, Jammu-based army public relations officer Lt Col Suneel Bartwal told a group of journalists who visited forward areas in the Akhnoor and Poonch sectors.

The smart fences are part of the advancements in technology that the army has integrated into its operations along the LoC, he said.

He said the state-of-the-art sensors and CCTV cameras are very difficult to bypass as these pick up even the slightest movement and immediately send alerts to the control centre.

The army has adopted technological advancements and innovative strategies in its relentless pursuit to secure the nation's borders, the official said and added that they also showcase the adaptability and innovation that define the modern Indian soldier.

The technologies and equipment being used to secure the LoC were also showcased.

"The intersection of traditional (methods) and innovation paints a comprehensive picture of the modern Indian soldier's multi-faceted role," Lt Col Bartwal said. He said by putting their lives on the line to protect the nation's borders, soldiers exemplify the values of honour, duty and sacrifice that form the bedrock of their service. "It is evident that beyond the uniform, each individual embodied a deep sense of duty and pride in safeguarding their homeland," Lt Col Bartwal said, adding that "this commitment to constant improvement is a testament to the army's dedication to maintaining peak operational readiness".

The soldiers also showcased their rigorous training routines.

The army public relations officer said a soldier's day unfolds in the midst of unforgiving terrains and unpredictable weather conditions.

"Yet, their morale remains unshaken, and their resolve to defend the nation stands stronger than ever. Each step they take embodies a resilience that surpasses the physical hurdles they encounter, embodying the true spirit of a soldier's duty," he said.

In the face of adversity, the Lt Col said soldiers stationed along the LoC stand as "sentinels of strength, reminding us that it is their fortitude that fortifies our borders and preserves the nation's integrity".