Kabul: Amid the closure of Torkham crossing as the clashes continued for the 5th continuous day, the people in Afghanistan's Nangarhar held protests to revolt against the ongoing situation, reported TOLOnews.

According to the protesters, Pakistan has regularly closed the Torkham border under various pretexts during the fruit and vegetable season. They urged Afghan and Pakistani officials to resolve their political differences through diplomatic channels.

“When the season of fruits and vegetables arrives, you (Pakistan) close the path, make problems. You attack our checkpoints. Why?” said Wahidullah, a trader, according to TOLOnews.

This comes as the Afghanistan-Pakistan Joint Chamber of Commerce said that the closure of Torkham has cost traders on both sides of the border about USD 1 million

“The problems which are among the governments, you should solve it by any means, we don’t have any problems with it. But please don’t make obstacles for the transports,” said Farman Gul Shinwari, head of the free transport union in Nangarhar, TOLO news reported.

The main crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan remained closed for the 5th consecutive day as talks between the two countries to reopen the border remained inconclusive.

The border was closed after clashes were triggered by the construction of a new post along the border.

The busy Torkham border crossing was closed on Wednesday after Pakistani and Afghan Taliban forces started firing at each other, according to local officials.

Both sides blamed each other for initiating the clash. Till now no casualty has been reported. Disputes linked to the 2,600 km (1,615 miles) border have been a bone of contention between the neighbours for decades, reported Dawn.

The crossing has been closed several times in recent years, including a closure in February that saw thousands of trucks laden with goods stranded on each side of the border for days.