India's External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, has hinted at the possibility of escalating tensions in the ongoing diplomatic row with Canada. In a recent statement, Jaishankar emphasized that "more stuff will come out" regarding the dispute, raising concerns that India may intensify its response.

The diplomatic dispute between India and Canada began when India compelled the removal of 41 Canadian diplomats, a move widely seen as a response to what India perceives as unwarranted interference in its internal affairs. This has led to a strain in relations between the two nations, with both sides attempting to address the underlying issues.

In his recent remarks, Jaishankar alluded to the potential for further revelations regarding the ongoing dispute. While he did not explicitly detail the nature of these revelations, his comment suggests that India might have additional concerns or grievances against Canada.

"..we invoked parity because we had concerns about continuous interference in our affairs by Canadian personnel," he said.

"My sense is over a period of time more stuff will come out and people will understand why we had the kind of discomfort with many of them which we did," the External Affairs Minister stated.

This statement implies that India may be preparing to make public previously undisclosed information that could further explain its actions and dissatisfaction with certain Canadian diplomats.

The indication of "more stuff" coming to light hints at a potential escalation in the dispute, as India seeks to assert its position and protect its sovereignty.