In an international display of military cooperation, the USA and Myanmar are set to hold joint military exercises with India at Meghalaya's Umroi Cantonment in the coming months. This marks the third consecutive month that this training venue will host exercises with foreign countries, highlighting India's commitment to enhancing defence cooperation through joint exercises.

The Umroi Joint Training Node, located in the Umroi area along the Umiam river in Meghalaya, has become a hub for international military training. Since its establishment in October 2017, this training node has hosted eight joint exercises with foreign countries. The ongoing 'Exercise Harimau Shakti 2023' between the Indian and Malaysian forces is one such example of this international engagement.

Umroi Cantonment's Impressive Training Facilities

The training node has welcomed personnel from various countries, including Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Kazakhstan, and Malaysia, showcasing its growing significance as a centre for international military joint training. It is situated in a strategically chosen location with conducive weather conditions and terrain configurations, offering an optimal environment for training exercises.

As per defence officials, the training area at Umroi Cantonment spans 2,500 acres and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities designed for a wide range of military training scenarios. These facilities include an 800-meter Sniper Range, a challenging 1.4-kilometer Battle Obstacle Course, a 300-meter Range, a 200-meter Jungle Lane Shooting Area, and an Indoor Combat Reflex Shooting Range. Additionally, the Counter-Terrorist Village Training Area provides a simulated urban warfare environment.

These facilities enable training in areas such as counter-terrorist operations in semi-urban and jungle settings, sniper skills, endurance, and jungle and urban warfare. Special operations training areas also prepare soldiers for heliborne operations, further enhancing the military capabilities of those undergoing training.

India-China Border Dispute And Ongoing Tensions

The joint military exercises at Umroi Cantonment come in the backdrop of India's ongoing border disputes with China. The region has seen periodic border clashes and tensions, necessitating a strong focus on defence preparedness and international collaboration.

This initiative reflects India's commitment to enhancing its defence capabilities and fostering cooperation with friendly foreign nations through joint military exercises. The upcoming exercises with the USA and Myanmar signify the continued growth of international military collaboration at the Umroi Cantonment.