Tel Aviv: The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) announced the deaths of three more soldiers during fighting in the southern Gaza Strip, bringing the death toll of killed troops in the ground offensive against Hamas to 104, The Times of Israel reported on Monday.

These soldiers were killed by an explosive device in the Khan Younis area. Another four soldiers were wounded in the incident, including one in serious condition.

Since the commencement of the ground invasion on October 27, approximately 600 IDF members have sustained injuries, according to information released by the IDF.

In parallel, the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Ministry of Health in Ramallah disclosed that, between October 7 and December 9, at least 17,700 Palestinians have died in Israeli attacks in Gaza. The ministry, citing sources from the Hamas-controlled enclave, highlighted that 70 per cent of the casualties comprised children, women, and the elderly, as reported by CNN.

Meanwhile, in a show of solidarity with Gaza, Lebanon implemented a nationwide closure of all government offices and public institutions on Monday. Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced the closure, stating it was in response to the global call for Gaza and in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza and the Lebanese border villages.

The IDF on Monday said that they identified "a number of launches" from Lebanon toward Israel on Monday, with Israel's air defences intercepting six launches. The IDF stated that it is striking the sources of the launches. This development follows the previous day's incident where several Israeli soldiers were wounded in northern Israel due to fire from Lebanon, according to CNN.

Simultaneously, the official Palestinian news agency, WAFA, reported that the southern city experienced "a series of airstrikes and artillery shelling on a number of areas" on Sunday, leading to increased pressure on hospitals in the region.

Providing an update on Sunday's military activities, Israel's military announced that it targeted over 250 Hamas sites in the past 24 hours, including what it referred to as Hamas communication sites and tunnels.

The IDF had issued "an urgent appeal" on Saturday for civilians to evacuate from much of Khan Younis, though the extent of awareness among the population remains uncertain due to the limited availability of communications in Gaza, CNN reported.