According to a report by Janes, Indian firm EndureAir Systems has developed two new unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for military logistics operations. The ‘Sabal' series UAVs consist of small, electrically propelled tandem-rotor aerial vehicles designed primarily for cargo and observation applications, the company said.

Rama Krishna, CEO of EndureAir, told Janes that the Sabal UAVs, comprising Sabal-10 and Sabal-20, have a low audio and visual signature and can be transported and operated by two people.

Krishna added that the Sabal UAVs are geared towards operations in locations at high altitudes that are difficult to access. The Sabal UAVs are fitted with a dual redundant Global Positioning System (GPS) feature and can be operated in the event of GPS failure. Both UAVs also have a ‘return to home' feature, which is activated in the event of loss of communications and low battery.