Atlanta: A vehicle forcefully crashed into an entry gate at the Atlanta FBI field office in an apparent attempt to breach the facility, confirmed FBI Atlanta spokesperson Tony Thomas, CNN reported.

The incident unfolded shortly after noon, according to FBI Atlanta spokesperson Jenna Sellitto.

The individual involved, whose identity remains undisclosed, exited the vehicle after the collision and was subsequently apprehended. Following the arrest, the suspect was transported to a hospital for evaluation and is now under the custody of DeKalb County police, as per a federal law enforcement official, according to CNN.

The suspect, reportedly unrelated to the facility, allegedly attempted to tail an employee through the front gate, revealed FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Peter Ellis during a press briefing at the scene on Monday afternoon.

"He...tried getting into the gate, but our security precautions prevented him from getting in," Ellis remarked, noting that there were no injuries resulting from the incident.

The vehicle was inspected and cleared by bomb technicians, confirmed the federal law enforcement official.

Upon apprehension, the suspect remained silent, a law enforcement official told CNN.

Thomas assured that no FBI personnel sustained any injuries during the episode.

The FBI has initiated an investigation into the matter and stated to CNN that a motive for the incident is not yet know.

"At this time we are looking at both state and federal charges," Ellis informed reporters.

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