Cuttack: Emphasising that foreign policy today affects every citizen, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that if India had not been clear on the Russia-Ukraine war, petrol price would have gone up.

Highlighting the pressure and the problems India faced, Jaishankar said, "Look at one example. We had this pressure on Russia and Ukraine. We were clear. Suppose we had not been clear. Suppose we had said. Sorry. Sorry. You are saying it very strongly. We will not do what we did. Your petrol price would have gone up by ₹20 because of that."

"We take a stand on foreign policy for average citizens," he said during an interactive session in Odisha's Cuttack.

Jaishankar further noted that if we had imported COVID vaccine, none of the people could have afforded it.

"So foreign policy today affects every citizen, it affects our lives," he added.

He underscored the ongoing problems in the world, noting a war in Ukraine, in the Middle East, a problem in the Arabian Sea, tensions on the China border, as well as, problems in the South China Sea.

He said, "There is terrorism in the world."

Jaishankar stressed that it is important to see who will take India through these challenges in the country.

"We have to decide how you go through this very difficult period. And more importantly, who do you trust? Who do you want to see in charge of this country? Who do you think will take this country through this challenge?" he added.

Highlighting on becoming a permanent member of United Nations Security Council, Jaishankar expressed confidence that India will become a member.

"But we will become a member faster if we have a strong prime minister to whom the world cannot say no. And that is what we are trying to do," he stressed.

Last month also, Jaishankar while speaking at the press conference in Bikaner, reaffirmed India's stance on buying oil from Russia, noting that petrol prices were lower because New Delhi had courage to purchase oil from Moscow.

Jaishankar continued, "When we talk about Ukraine if today the price of petrol is lower, it's because we had the courage to buy oil from Russia. If there are other matters related to security or the respect earned by Modi ji during the COVID times, it's because of his diplomacy that Indians stranded in the Gulf region returned home safely."

Earlier this month, during an interaction in Gujarat, the EAM had said that PM Modi gave clear instructions to keep the interest of Indian consumers on priority despite external pressure against purchasing Russian oil.

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