According to classified information Pak agents are currently cloning numbers as well as voices to contact these targeted individuals

The central government's intelligence apparatus has uncovered that Pakistan Intelligence Operatives (PIOs) are actively involved in highly advanced and sophisticated operations.

The special bureau at government’s intelligence agency has shared classified information with sister agencies, revealing that they have identified a disconcerting pattern: 66 meticulously orchestrated calls by PIOs aimed at extracting sensitive information from high-ranking defence service personnel, top Indian Army officials linked with sensitive departments and the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). According to classified information accessed by the Free Press Journal, PIO agents are currently cloning numbers as well as voices to contact these targeted individuals.

According to official sources PIO agents are cloning numbers, converting them into spoofing calls, and sampling the caller's voice which they have in their archive to contact the target. Sources added that they were using cutting-edge technology to replicate the speaking style, posture, specific vocabulary, and language skills of the intended caller to deceive top Indian Army officials and other secret service agencies.

In the 66 PIO calls, the special bureau identified three numbers used as backups for data extraction and transfer. These numbers belong to another country and are currently under scrutiny.

Under the condition of anonymity, a senior official confirmed that in recent months, data from a few top officials had been compromised. Additionally, a network of seven linked numbers regularly in contact with the senior officer linked to different secret service departments was also found to be compromised. Sources said that the investigation is currently figuring out how the data breach occurred, and which spoofed numbers were used.

According to classified information findings, PIO agents currently possess extensive data on defence officials, acquired over the past few years through hacking, honeytrap operations, fraudulent schemes, and fake corporate offers. The PIOs strategically select top targets by analyse the data extracted from these devices. After scrutinizing this data, they have launched sophisticated and high-level operations targeting top officials of sensitive departments.

The central government's intelligence apparatus, while sharing information, has advised defence officials to approach the military intelligence desk first if they identify any suspicious activity on phones of officials.

(With Agency Inputs)