As per confirmed reports, it was revealed that the US plans to initiate Stryker production in India. This could mark the first instance of these armoured vehicles being manufactured outside the US, serving as a significant factor in containing China, reported

Subsequently, reports indicated that the US is attempting to edge out Russia from the Indian air defence market by offering a license for the advanced Stryker M-SHORAD.

On June 19, Indian media noted that negotiations have progressed, with India’s Ministry of Defense now evaluating a three-stage cooperation plan with the US for producing Stryker armored vehicles. However, there remain numerous nuances and requests from the Indian side, according to local sources.

‘Adapted’ Stryker

Yes, first and foremost, the acquisition of Stryker armoured vehicles hinges on whether they will meet the specific requirements of motorized rifle battalions. Recently, the United States proposed a demonstration to showcase these vehicles’ mobility and firepower in the country’s mountainous regions.

It suggests that the Indian Army is seeking “adapted and technologically tuned vehicles” effective in challenging terrains like Eastern Ladakh and Sikkim.

One crucial condition from India is a high degree of production localization, including the transfer of even critical technologies to the participating company, whether it is private or state-owned.

Futuristic Version

If India decides to acquire the Stryker, it will follow a series of stages: starting with a limited purchase of these armoured vehicles through the Foreign Military Sales [FMS] program, moving to joint production of the Stryker in India, and eventually developing a “futuristic” version of the armoured vehicle together [specific details are still under wraps].

While these ambitious and far-reaching plans with the United States are on the horizon, India is also pursuing its own initiatives for wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles to replace its fleet of over 2,000 BMP-2s.

The Original Stryker

The Stryker Armoured Fighting Vehicle [AFV] is a family of eight-wheeled armoured combat vehicles produced by General Dynamics Land Systems for the United States Army. It is designed to provide a versatile and mobile platform for a variety of military operations, including infantry transport, reconnaissance, and direct fire support.

In terms of dimensions, the Stryker AFV typically measures around 22.92 feet in length, 8.96 feet in width, and 8.92 feet in height. The vehicle’s weight varies depending on the configuration but generally falls between 16.47 and 20.8 tons.

The propulsion system of the Stryker AFV is powered by a Caterpillar C7 diesel engine, which delivers approximately 350 horsepower. This engine allows the vehicle to reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour on roads and provides a range of around 330 miles on a full tank of fuel.

The undercarriage of the Stryker features an eight-wheel drive [8×8] configuration, which enhances its mobility across various terrains. The vehicle is equipped with run-flat tires and a central tire inflation system, allowing it to maintain operational capability even after sustaining damage to its wheels.

Technical characteristics of the Stryker AFV include advanced armor protection, which offers resistance against small arms fire, artillery fragments, and improvised explosive devices [IEDs]. The vehicle is also equipped with modern communication and navigation systems, enhancing situational awareness and command-and-control capabilities.

The Stryker family encompasses several variants, each designed for specific roles. These include the Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV), Mobile Gun System [MGS], Reconnaissance Vehicle [RV], Commander’s Vehicle [CV], Fire Support Vehicle [FSV], Engineer Squad Vehicle [ESV], Medical Evacuation Vehicle [MEV], and Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicle [ATGMV], among others.

In terms of weaponry, the Stryker AFV can be outfitted with a variety of armaments depending on its variant. Common weapons include the M2 .50 caliber machine gun, the Mk 19 40mm automatic grenade launcher, and the M240 7.62mm machine gun. The Mobile Gun System variant is equipped with a 105mm tank gun, while the Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicle carries TOW missile launchers.

The primary purpose of the Stryker AFV is to provide a highly mobile, protected platform for transporting infantry and conducting various combat operations. Its versatility allows it to perform a wide range of missions, from direct fire support and reconnaissance to command and control and medical evacuation, making it a crucial asset in modern military engagements.

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