ISRO Chief K Sivan, talking to Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami expressed what he expects from India opening its space to private sector

Talking to Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami on his show - Nation Wants To Know, Indian Space Research Organisation Chief Dr K Sivan expressed what he expects from India opening its space to the private sector. When asked about whether the Chief sees India creating its own Elon Musks and Crew Dragon-like astronaut missions after SpaceX's (a private company) historic launch of NASA astronauts in May, Sivan said that India will definitely get many Elon Musks in the future. 

'There Will Be Elon Musks From India'

"What I am saying is, if not immediately, in future, I am sure we (India) will get many Elon Musks. It is the kind of enthusiasm that our startup companies are providing for technology development. At the same time, big industries are also showing interest over getting into our space venture. I am sure that in future, there will be Elon Musks from India," said Dr K Sivan. 

Dr K Sivan also talked about the kind of system that exists in ISRO that helps him reduce the stress while handling such a big responsibility. Calling the system 'beautiful', Sivan said that everybody shares the load. While the launch vehicle team handles the launch vehicle thing, the crew module is similarly handled by the satellite team. Dr Sivan added that the Chairman's job is to put the teams together and make sure they work in an even direction. Praising ISRO, the Chief said that the load is distributed and 'cultured' at the organisation. 

Private Sector Participation In Space Activities

Earlier, on Jun 24, aiming to boost private sector participation in the entire range of space activities, the Union Cabinet approved reforms in the space sector. Taking the decision in line with Atmanirbhar Bharat, Union Minister of State for Atomic Energy and Space, Jitendra Singh, also announced the formation of a new institution - Indian National Space, Promotion, and Authorisation Centre or IN-SPACe. The body's role was extended into ISRO. 

ISRO Chief Dr K Sivan praised the Centre's move, terming it as 'transit into a new Space era'. "Far-reaching reforms will put India in a league of few countries with efficient promotional and authorisation mechanism for private-sector space activities", he said. 

Crew Dragon's Historic Launch To The ISS

Making history, The NASA-SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule was launched from the Kennedy Space Centre's launch pad Pad 39A on May 30 at 3:22 pm EDT to the International Space Station. The launch was a first-of-its-kind from the American turf. 

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX is the first private space company to have launched a rocket with NASA. With India opening up private sector participation in space activities, questions regarding India's own SpaceX and Elon Musks are often talked about.