Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Alerts Prime Minister Narendra Modi about China’s Sri Lanka Radar Plan in Dondra Bay that Threatens India’s Strategic Assets

The radar base will focus on monitoring the activities of the Indian Navy, apart from attempting to evaluate India's strategic assets in South India reported PGurus website.

Defence Minster Rajnath Singh has alerted Prime Minster Narendra Modi with a top secret 12 pages report from Indian Navy intelligence about China considering setting up a radar base in Dondra Bay of a 45-acre spacious idle place to snoop, from Sri Lanka. China is in talks with the Sri Lankan government to obtain a lease of Dondra Bay for 99 years. Which is somewhat similar to that of Hambantota Port. It may be recalled that this correspondent in a scoop in 2022, about compromising Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh port treasures. A visit by a PLA spy ship last year that had adverse implications for India’s interests in the region has been closely monitored by Indian Naval intelligence.

Dondra Bay where China will position its too-powerful spy radars. This will help China to monitor India’s presence in the Indian Ocean Region and the activities of the Indian Navy, besides strategic assets in the Southern part of the country, including the Kudankulam and Kalpakkalam nuclear power plants. In a 12-page top-secret report to the PMO through National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, the Indian Navy is believed to have discussed the possible dangers of such a move by China. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is likely to brief the Cabinet Committee on Security on these aspects on April 12.

The proposed radar will also be able to track US military activities in Diego Garcia. The Aerospace Information Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences could be involved in this project in the jungles near Dondra Bay of Sri Lanka.

Where Is Dondra Bay?

Dondra is on the southern point of Sri Lanka, a medium-sized fishing port where you can arrange whale-watching tours during the peak months of December, January, and April. It is a major tourist spot. Sri Lanka’s economy thrives from such bays.

The name Dondra is a synonym for “Devi-Nuwara” in the local Sinhala language, “Devi” meaning “Gods” and “Nuwara” meaning “City”. Dondra is therefore derived to mean “City of the Gods“.

The Dondra Bay radar, if set up, will be detrimental to India’s strategic interests across the region and India’s strategic installations in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.