IIT-Indore, in partnership with NASA-Caltech and the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, has designed an inexpensive camera setup that can capture multispectral images of four chemical species in a flame using a single DSLR camera. Previously, capturing such images required a complicated system with four cameras, but this new setup can simultaneously capture multiple spectral three-dimensional images of four chemical species in a flame using only one DSLR camera.

After almost three years of research, a team of five researchers collaborated with the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and NASA-Caltech in the USA to create the ‘CL-Flam’, a low-cost DSLR camera device. The device was developed at a cost of approximately Rs 50,000.

Deshmukh has explained that through the analysis of images obtained by the device, it is possible to study the elements that are released during the combustion of fuel in industrial burners and engines. This includes engines in various vehicles ranging from ordinary automobiles to airplanes and spacecraft. By studying these elements, improvements can be made in engines and burners to ensure optimal and eco-friendly use of fuels during combustion. As a result, the efficiency of engines and burners can be increased, which would lead to a decrease in the consumption of petroleum fuels and a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide. This would ultimately help in achieving the goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2070.