New Delhi: The Indian Air Force is working on a project to develop an indigenous jammer pod for the homegrown TEJAS MK-1A fighter aircraft, IAF officials said on Saturday.

"IAF's Base Repair Depots have been tasked to indigenise many of the equipment required on its fighter and transport aircraft and other weapon systems and cut down imports," officials added.

Meanwhile, Vice President of Solar Group Economic Explosives Limited, Colonel Vikram said that the multimode hand grenade is the first product that a private industry manufactured indigenously and handed over to the Indian Army other than the ordinance factories.

"We have already manufactured a quantity of 10 lakh and handed it over to the Indian Army successfully. This is a very safe prototype and advanced prototype of a hand grenade. It has added safety features as well and its efficacies are much more than the erstwhile HE 36 hand grenade.

"It is very well received by the Indian Army and we are expecting the next order soon," he added.

The TEJAS MK-1A is an improved variant of the indigenously developed TEJAS MK-1. It has additional features and improvements such as a Self Protection Jammer.