Nexter, a leading defence company, has been awarded a contract to supply 10 THL 20 remotely-operated turrets for the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) helicopters. This order strengthens the existing partnership between Nexter and HAL, which was established in 2006 to equip the Indian Army’s light helicopters.

The THL 20 turret is specifically designed to meet the requirements of helicopters. It is equipped with Nexter’s 20M621 20mm cannon, which uses NATO-compatible 20x102mm ammunition. The turret is controlled by the pilot’s helmet and the helicopter’s optronic system, allowing for precise targeting of objects up to a distance of 2000m. Additionally, the turret is lightweight and can be easily integrated into existing helicopters, making it an ideal solution for upgrading helicopters that are already in service.

This new order is part of the long-standing cooperation between Nexter and HAL. The THL 20 turret is currently the main armament of the Indian Army’s Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) DHRUV and Light Combat Helicopter (LCH), with a fleet of 110 aircraft equipped with it. The qualification and commissioning of the THL 20 turret on Indian Army helicopters marked the beginning of the partnership between Nexter and HAL.

Nexter’s expertise in defence technology and its collaboration with HAL continue to strengthen the Indian Army’s capabilities in aerial operations. The supply of these remotely-operated turrets will enhance the firepower and precision of the Indian Army’s helicopters, further improving their effectiveness in various operational scenarios.